The goal of this group will be to

oversee the development, planning, and coordination of a conference that we will host in and around next year's combine in Chicago.  Preliminary discussions have involved hosting this conference on the Saturday after the testing, with the goal of providing continuing education and credits for other S&C Coaches, Basketball Coaches, Personal Trainers, and athletes.



The goal of this committee is to establish a presence on social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn) and provide information to the public about the organization's purpose, activites, and work.

The committee also serves as liason for the website and strength coaches to send and receive information about events conducted by members of the organization as well as partnerships.



The goal of this group will be to regularly and continually provide continuing educational materials to all members of our group.  This will be primarily for supplementation and banned substance topics, but will also involve identifying and relaying new research, studies, articles, videos, etc  on the latest developments out there that can help all of us learn and advance. 



The role of this committee is to follow up on our relationship/partnership with Gatorade (Pepsico) in all areas.  The committee was formed to problem solve issues that may occur on behalf of the NBSCA strength coaches and help to promote Gatorade in the best of our abilities. 

Gatorade uses NBSCA Strength Coaches to represent them at various events, so the Chairman acts as a liaison to help facilitate the communication to ensure a great event.  He also communicates to the group (NBSCA), what other needs that Gatorade may need.  Just recently Gatorade granted a stipend to a NBSCA member to do videos on nutrition, recovery and training to help educate other strength coaches. 

The committee's other role is to create content and write articles for the NBSCA Newsletter.  With the help of Gatorade, the action committee has almost completed it's first annual NBSCA Newsletter.  This will be a great communication piece between NBSCA members and also other professionals in our field.

The GAC is not limited to these things and main concern is to show value to Gatorade and meet all of their needs to the best of our abilities.



The goal of this group will be to administer and oversee everything related to the Combine testing in Chicago.  Tasks here will include, planning and overseeing the actual testing, investigating and proposing any potential new tests or functions for the testing, and coordinating all of the post-test activities involving the testing numbers.


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