Our Identity

The NBSCA’s primary role is to ensure the players of the NBA are preparing their bodies in every way possible to excel at the sport of basketball. We pride ourselves in serving as leaders in the field of Basketball Strength & Conditioning. Our day-to-day responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Design programming to reduce the risk of basketball-related injuries and to enhance the on-court performance of our team’s players

  • Oversee and implement our team’s nutritional programming, including individual consultations with players, outlining the components of team meals, and implementing the team’s sports supplement program.  In addition, many of us serve as the link between the team’s Dietician and the players, in promoting healthy eating and sound overall nutritional habits

  • Serve as the resource for the latest in training information and science, and communicate these advancements to NBA Coaches, Front Office Personnel and Management, Ownership, Referees, Health and Wellness Professionals, Community Programs, as well as other Strength and Conditioning Coaches

  • Assess and evaluate the athletic ability of in-coming players to the NBA, and provide objective data to our front office personnel and coaching staff regarding these players preparedness to enter and succeed at the professional level

  • Aid in the development of young Strength and Conditioning Coaches, in providing them with opportunities for practical experience, career advice, and guidance, in hopes of them advancing within the field as well

  • Maintain a strong network and knowledge-sharing amongst each other, to continually trade ideas, concepts,  and philosophies and promote learning and continuing education for all members of the Association


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